I am a librarian working in higher education with a background in systems work, but broad professional interests. I believe in big tent librarianship.

I blog mainly to reflect on professional practice for CPD. An unordered list of some of my interests:

  • Free Software (Open Source) software in libraries and especially its broader utility in higher education.
  • Library discovery systems and how they affect user experience of search and browse. My MSc dissertation was on the mental models concept applied to a next-generation catalogue and is available online.
  • User experience of information-seeking generally, and how experience using web search affects users’ interaction with information retrieval and discovery systems.
  • Postmodern trends in library and information science, especially the impact of the web on our approaches to cataloguing and classification.
  • Critical theory as applied to library professional practice, particularly postmodern and deconstructive approaches.
  • Cycling. I cycle in London and elsewhere and am a randonneur. I mostly cycle fixed wheel.