I am a library director working in higher education. I write mainly to reflect on professional practice for CPD, and to better understand library and education work. I believe in big tent librarianship.

My pronouns are he/him.

An unordered list of some of my interests:

  • The role of libraries in supporting widening access and participation in higher education, and improving outcomes and attainment.
  • Working-class lived experience of higher education and subjectivities.
  • Critical theories applied to library and education practice, particularly postmodern and deconstructive approaches.
  • Postmodern trends in library and information science, especially the impact of the web on information organisation.
  • Cycling. I cycle in London and elsewhere and am a randonneur. I mostly cycle fixed wheel.

This blog reflects my own views and options, and does not represent the views, opinions, or policies of my employer.